Are you really bad with money? Do you have heaps of credit card debt or a big mortgage? Do you look in your wallet just after payday and wonder where all your money has gone? Do you have more super accounts than the late Hugh Hefner had busty friends? Do you want to know how to raise kids who are great with their money?

Or are you pretty good with your dough but would like confirmation you’re on the right track?

Are you sick of reading these questions and just want the answers now?

This is the website for you.

Financial Freedom For Gens X and Y is an online course designed to teach you what you wish you’d known ages ago. You won’t get rich in a hurry, but you will be shown what you need to do to save, pay off your debts, protect yourself financially and live without money being a worry. And for parents, the Kids And Money topic shows you everything you need to know, from how to prepare your finances for an impending baby through to investing in a child’s name.

There’s no product selling or commission taking, just sound information designed specifically to cater for people in generations X and Y. And there is no catch.

Feedback for Financial Freedom.

“This course was absolutely perfect. It covered everything I had hoped for.” – Andrea.

“All in all a GREAT course, 9 out of 10.” – Dennis

“Generally very informative and entertaining with great tips.” – Michael

“Thanks. We’ve already made some important changes.” – Sharon

“It’s terrific!” – Uncle Trevor

But don’t just blindly believe these people who have no surnames, check it out for yourself. What have you got to lose?

This course is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This course is NOT a work from home and earn $1,000 a week with three hours input using nothing but your computer, internet connection and skills you learnt in kindy scam. We don’t define what financial freedom is for you, we simply show you how you can worry less about money and get more time to do what it is that makes you happy.

What you won’t get:

  • Spammed
  • A hard pressure sell
  • Advertising (unless it is used to emphasise a point)
  • Unrealistic promises to increase your wealth
  • Biased information
  • Multiple links to the same home page

What you will get:

  • A laugh or two
  • Practical, relevant, easy to understand information laid out in a way that makes getting your shit together easy.
  • Direct links to hard to find pages, calculators and PDF files with the specific info you need – we have done the searching for you.

If you are looking for your typical finance website, with complicated, jargon-filled language, making ridiculous claims about what you can achieve with your money, you have found the wrong site. If you want a site that is biased to include information that a sponsor wants, or avoids touching on subjects for fear of backlash from an advertiser, you’d better try elsewhere.

Warning: Financial Freedom for Gens X and Y contains some coarse language and sexual references.