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An open letter to my spammers

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Dear spammers,

I understand that you need to make money and I understand that you wish to do it with little personal exertion. I can also understand you being easily led by non-personal emails promising huge amounts of cash paid into your bank account for only a few hours of work from the comfort of your home. I understand that it’s tempting when you read the bit that says “all you need is a computer” ’cause that’s what you are reading the advertisement on.

The bit I can’t understand is why you reckon it’s a good idea to target the blog from my website. After all, Financial Freedom For Gens X and Y is a site that actually shows you how you can achieve a comfortable lifestyle that you seek, albeit at a slower pace than is promised in the ads you blindly believe. By the way, there is no promise of lavish lifestyles contained in my website, just a way to show you how to live without money being a worry. And the best thing is I show you how to do it without clogging other people’s inboxes with promises of larger appendages that last longer than John Holmes could go for.

Ps Sorry to my Russian spammer for not translating this post, but hey, I couldn’t read your website either.

Happy New (financial) Year!

Friday, July 1st, 2011

I reckon the best thing about July 1 is not seeing Paul Harrigan’s head in every single ad break on the telly informing us how much better off we will be if we take up nib’s health insurance before June 30. I suppose that is the best thing to look forward to when you remember that as of today the flood levy kicks in.

The levy is a once off tax increase to pay for the natural disasters that hit the Eastern states (mostly Queensland) around the start of the calendar year. If you earn over $50,000 you will be taxed an extra 0.5%, and if you earn over $100,000 an extra 1%. As it’s for this financial year only, who knows how the next natural disaster will be paid for.

Like it or not, tax time means you should start thinking about gathering receipts and other bits of paper and submitting your tax return. Actually, you are probably better off not just thinking about it, but actually doing it. Wednesday’s Wealth lift-out in The Australian had a statistic in it that raised my eyebrows. It stated that 4.3 million Aussies had yet to lodge a tax return for 2008-09. If the numbers were the same for the previous financial year (2007-08) it would’ve meant lots of people missing out on getting an extra 900 bucks. That was the time when the federal government handed out $900 cheques to those people who had done their tax in ’07-08 as part of the stimulus payment. That too was a one off.

So the moral to this story is: do your tax and you have a once in a lifetime chance of getting $900. It also means you can apply for a job with the tax office and run for parliament without fear that the media will find out you owe 4 years worth of tax payments. Hmm, I’m not really selling this one am I?