Never Been Better?

If you believe our fearless leader, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive than today. Bummer for those who died yesterday.

To an extent, Turnbull is right. 3D printers can make everything from heart valves to cars, educational opportunities are as high as they have ever been and the TV coverage of test cricket is absolutely amazing. Things are great, unless you can’t get your head around the Internet as every service you need these days is either online or has an online element. If you’re anything like me, you’ve helped your parents set up their new laptop so they can use Skype.

If you don’t yet have a myGov account, sign yourself up for one. Do this as a once off and you can have your Medicare, Centrelink and Australian Taxation Office records accessible in the one place. You need a myGov account to do your tax online through either e-tax or myTax and these days you receive your Notice of Assessment online too.

One of the great things about myGov is that if you have never gotten your act together to roll all your superannuation into one account, myGov makes it easier than ever before.

When you are logged in to your ATO account, click on the Manage My Super square as shown below and follow the prompts. So long as all your super funds have your Tax File Number it’s a really simple and quick process (if they don’t all have your TFN you’re being slugged heaps of tax).

Screenshot from myGov account showing ATO account page and the superannuation button to press.Before you close a super account you want to ensure that the life insurance coverage it provided is at least as good as the fund you’re rolling your money into, or that you have adequate insurance outside of super. But fewer super accounts means less money spent on managing super which means more money in your hands at retirement.

You won’t regret doing that when you’re planning the next round of lawn bowls and Bridge!

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