Vote 1

With election day getting closer, you will have to decide which person or party you will put a number 1 next to. I am not about to tell you which of the 2 major parties is better, and I don’t discuss how I vote. I would simply urge you to consider the bigger picture.

Both major parties have things going for and against them when it comes to matters of personal finance. The coalition started the Financial Literacy Foundation, whose aim was to raise the standards of money knowledge among all Aussies. The Labor party ripped the guts out of it. Labor has plans to increase super contributions so all Aussies have a better retirement. The coalition has said it will scrap these plans.

The next time you see a pollie (or candidate) in the local shopping centre, try not to focus on what is going to benefit, or hurt, you the most. Think about what will be best for society and the country. Then put a 1 next to the party, or independent, who you feel will do the job.

When I was young I asked my mum “Why do we have compulsory voting in Australia?” She replied quite simply “If you didn’t have the right to vote, you would want it more than anything else.” Please, don’t waste this important right.

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