Lazy bill paying

I grew up in a household where we always had a dishwasher (the earliest one I can remember was louder than a vacuum cleaner!) and I hate doing the washing up. As a result, I will put anything, everything into the dishwasher. Pots, wine glasses the good crockery with the fancy gold rim (yes, it was a gift), undies – you name it, it goes into the dishwasher. What can I say, I’m bloody lazy.

I’m also lazy when it comes to paying bills. Every regular bill we get is paid by direct debit. It’s a really easy way to pay bills. You do have to make sure that you have the available funds in your bank account for those bills and you must check your bank statements and bills so you know what you are paying for. But the time and effort saved is well worth it. And you never wake in the middle of the night worried that the electricity is about to be cut ’cause you’ve forgotten to pay it.

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