An open letter to my spammers

Dear spammers,

I understand that you need to make money and I understand that you wish to do it with little personal exertion. I can also understand you being easily led by non-personal emails promising huge amounts of cash paid into your bank account for only a few hours of work from the comfort of your home. I understand that it’s tempting when you read the bit that says “all you need is a computer” ’cause that’s what you are reading the advertisement on.

The bit I can’t understand is why you reckon it’s a good idea to target the blog from my website. After all, Financial Freedom For Gens X and Y is a site that actually shows you how you can achieve a comfortable lifestyle that you seek, albeit at a slower pace than is promised in the ads you blindly believe. By the way, there is no promise of lavish lifestyles contained in my website, just a way to show you how to live without money being a worry. And the best thing is I show you how to do it without clogging other people’s inboxes with promises of larger appendages that last longer than John Holmes could go for.

Ps Sorry to my Russian spammer for not translating this post, but hey, I couldn’t read your website either.

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