Debt Free

We have done it again. After starting a mortgage when we moved from a townhouse to a freestanding house just under three years ago, Claudia and I are once again debt free.

Unlike the other three, paying off this fourth mortgage feels particularly special. Claudia and I have managed to pay this mortgage off while simultaneously having two children, paying for daycare, renovating and with Claudia completing full time study. And for most of that time on one, slightly above average wage.

As this time we own the roof over the heads of the two most precious people we will ever know, the feeling of security and achievement is enhanced. The worry and stress of having a mortgage is gone, allowing us to be able to focus on other much more important things associated with our family.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “How the hell did they do it?” I recommend you read over the course on our website. I first wrote Financial Freedom For Gens X and Y 10 years ago, putting the course online in 2010. I wrote it not as a way to make a few extra bucks (our website is totally free and, unlike others, contains no advertising) but to get the message out about how much easier life is with your finances sorted.

Essentially, I wrote the course for you.

Every now and then you come across something genuine and without an agenda, something that can help you enormously. All it requires is for you to take advantage of the information we have and start experiencing what a debt free life feels like.

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