A World of Pain

Australia holds the developed world record for the longest run of uninterrupted GDP growth. It’s 29 years since the last recession! We passed that 29 year mark just as COVID-19 hit.

Now we are screwed.

While we don’t know yet exactly how big a recession we are heading into, all the experts agree that the good times have come to a very sudden end. This means that anyone not old enough to have experienced the job market between 1991-94 is in for a real shock. Finding work during a recession can be bloody hard and demoralising. Money will be very tight for a lot of people and it could go on for some time.

So where do you go for good information on money that you can trust?

Three places:  1) moneysmart.gov.au – the federal government website (even if you don’t trust the government, you can trust this site).

2) Your local library for a copy of The Barefoot Investor, or if your library is closed you can find it online for about $20.

3) Financial Freedom – yes, I know, shameless self-promotion. But it’s free, ad free and packed with everything you could need to help you through these tough times.


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