About Us

Financial Freedom For Gens X and Y is a finance course first written in 2004, where it was presented to small classes of people at an adult education provider in the ACT. In 2010 the course was developed and adapted for the website you see today.

The information on the site was written by me (Nick Haggarty) with input from my wife Claudia. We are a husband and wife team committed to raising the standards of financial literacy levels of Australians. We are financially secure, living comfortably with our young children on an average income, and we practice what we preach. We don’t have a rags to riches story, but we do believe that experiencing the sort of financial situation we are in is within the grasp of the vast majority of Australians. This website shows you how.

The URLs www.financialfreedomforgensxandy.com, www.financialfreedomforgensxandy.com.au, www.xyfinfree.com and www.xyfinfree.com.au will all take you to the same home page. We figured xyfinfree was easier to remember after setting up the longer ones!

Other than donations people may be kind enough to provide after accessing the course, we do not accept any money from anyone for anything. This includes soft dollar payments (i.e., where a company offers to send you on holiday in exchange for recommending their product). It also means we don’t accept advertising on the website or for any of the YouTube videos, nor do we receive payment from any of the websites we link to. Yep, we’re fair dinkum absolutely and totally independent.

We are based in Canberra.